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Patent Proofing Service

A Patent confers a set of exclusive rights to you or your client for the inventive concept described within its text. The accuracy of the Specification and Claims are important, as is the inclusion of amendments, correct company name, inventor names, prior art and continuing data.

Our Patent Proofing process compares the entire granted Patent against the File History available from the USPTO. We offer not only a complete character-to-character proof of the full document, but also
check all front page and bibliographic information.

Some of the items we verify include:
• Title
• lnventor(s)
• Continuing Data & Priority Information
• Assignee
• PCT Data
• Related U.S. Application Data
• Class & Subclass
• Field of Search
• Terminal Disclaimer
• U.S., Foreign and other Refs .
• Primary & Assistant Examiners
• Attorney, Agent or Firm
• Abstract & Amendments
• Print Figure(s)
• Drawings and Amended Drawings
• Color Drawings

We offer a full character-by-character comparison of the Specification and Claim set "as filed" versus "as issued," including all amendments.
Our finished product is delivered both electronically and by courier (e.g.,Highlighted and Tabbed).

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Reed Tech IP Services, a division of Reed Technology and Information Services (the data compositor to the USPTO), is able to leverage a depth of institutional knowledge on Patent composition that simply does not exist elsewhere in the world. We are able to offer an exceptional level of service at an affordable cost.

Contact Customer Service for more information at 1-800-422-1337.